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Manage content

Manage The Content of your Site

A Content Management System allows you to update the contents of your website yourself. Using the administration section of our selected Content Management System, changes can easily be made to the site. By being able to update the site content yourself, you can ensure that the site stays up to date. Regularly updating a site can also improve the position of a site on the search engines.

CMS made simple

CMS Made Simple

After looking at a number of Content Management Systems, we selected CMS Made Simple as we felt that it provided the best combination of rich functionality with ease of use. In our opinion, it provided the easiest interface to add and edit pages.

In addition, as on open source product, there are no ongoing licensing fees. Instead, there is an active user community providing excellent support and additional extras.

Winterslow Content Management System

Strong Design Tools

In addition to providing a powerful administration tool to control the content of the web site, the Content Management System provides rich functionality to design a web site that will impress your target audience.