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Apache Service Mix

Apache ServiceMix is an open source Enterprise Service Bus.

ServiceMix is a JBI container; Java Business Integration (JBI) is a Java based standard for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with plugins communicating using a message exchange model.  Plugins consist of two types of JBI component:

  • Binding Components - provides connectivity to applications outside of the JBI environment, supporting other protocols (e.g. http, jms) and
  • Service engines - provide logic (e.g. XSLT engines).

JBI Components communicate via a Normalised Messaging Router (NMR).  A list of components shipped with ServiceMix can be found here.

Service Assembly

In order to deploy an application to a JBI container, applications are packaged into service assemblies (similar to java web applications being packaged into WAR files).  A service assembly consists of a JBI deployment descriptor (jbi.xml that describes the contents of the service assembly) and service units.

Service Units

Service Units contain details of services being deployed.  There will be at least one service unit for every component being used by an application.

Installing and starting ServiceMix

To install simply download the software from here and expand it.  To start ServiceMix, go to the directory where ServiceMix was installed and issue the following command:
After various information messages, the following should be displayed:

ServiceMix JBI Container (ServiceMix) started