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IBM have announced that WebSphere MQ 7.1 offers the following new functionality:

  • Multiple versions of MQ can be installed on a single machine (Unix, Linux and Windows).
  • Better persistent throughput across multiple queues.
  • Better througput of non-persistent messages on a single queue.
  • IBM claim "significant" throughput benefits for messages that are smaller than 4K.
  • Channel Authentication Records can be used to have greater control over the access granted to channels.  For example, it is possible to block access to specific IP addresses or allocate a MCA userid to a connecting IP using SET CLAUTH.
  • Extension to support for .Net APIs.
  • Multicast function.
  • Security enhancements include greater control of transmit queue authorisation, support for SSL provider use of Suite B (FIPS 186-3) and enhanced algorithm support for SSL encryption and hashing.
  • A new USEDLQ parameter for channels, to specify whether the queue manager's dead letter queue should be used for messages that can't be delivered.
  • New dmpmqcfg (UNIX, Linux and Windows) and DMPMQMCFG (iSeries) commands can be used to dump a queue manager configuration in MQSC or OAM formats, replacing the saveqmgr (MS03) SupportPac.
  • Support for virtualised environments through Hypervisor.