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WebSphere MQ 7 introduces major new Publish/Subscribe functionality:

New topic object (similar to queues and channels) can be defined for security or tuning.
DISPLAY SBSTAUS to view topic subscribers.
MQSUB verb to register subscriptions.

Publish/Subscribe functionality has been added to existing verbs:

  • MQOPEN (to access a topic),
  • MQCLOSE (to deregister a subscription),
  • MQPUT (to publish) and
  • MQGET (to receive publications).

MQ Client Improvements

Support for message read ahead and shared client conversations.

MQ Explorer Improvements

OAM configuration
Publish/Subscribe topics can be viewed in MQ explorer.

Message Extensions

Part of JMS, message extensions can be thought of as an extended message descriptor.
New verbs have been introduced to support message extensions:

  • MQSETMP (to set message properties),
  • MQINQMP (to inquire on message properties) and
  • MQDLTMP (to delete message properties).


Asynchronous Messaging

New call back verbs have been introduced: MQCB and MQCTL, which allow an application to specify that a function is to be executed when a message arrives.


SQL92 clauses can be used to select messages.

WebSphere MQ Bridge for HTTP

Based on REST, HTTP is translated to MQ (e.g. HTTP GET becomes MQGET).