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This page explains how to clean up a WMB installation on AIX.  This is likely to occur if there were problems installing the product, followed by a null error when setupaix is executed.

The Broker uninstaller should remove all the product binaries from the install directory, remove product entries from the Software Vital Product Data (SWVPD) database and remove product entries from /usr/lib/objrepos/

The SWVPD database consists of:

  • a set of commands used to remove the product entries and
  • the Object Data Manager (ODM) object classes for the maintenance of software product information.

Installation problems can result in mixed updates in /etc/objrepos and /usr/lib/objrepos.  The following procedure will manually clean the SWVPD:

export ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos
odmget -q "name like mqsi6*" lpp | grep lpp_id
odmdelete -o inventory -q "lpp_id = [odmID1]"
odmdelete -o history -q "lpp_id = [odmID1]"
odmdelete -o product -q "name like mqsi6*"
odmdelete -o lpp -q "name like mqsi6*"
Repeat until there are no entries.