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The following commands will provide an environment for building a basic WMB environment:

mqsicreatedb DERBYDB -i <wmb user> -a <password> -e Derby

mqsicreatebroker BROKER -i <wmb user> -a <password> -q WMB -n DERBYDB -u <wmb user> -p <password>

mqsicreateconfigmgr CM -i <wmb user> -a <password> -q WMB

If any data sources are required, the format is:

mqsisetdbparms BROKER -n <data source name> -u <data source user> -p <password>

Then start the broker and the configuration manager:

mqsistart CM
mqsistart BROKER

If you are using SAP you may need to issue the following:

mqsichangeproperties BROKER -c EISProviders -o SAP -n jarsURL -v c:\SAP_JCO
mqsichangeproperties BROKER -c EISProviders -o SAP -n nativeLibs -v c:\SAP_JCO

Grant access:

mqsicreateaclentry ConfigMgr -u <domain>\<userid> -a -x F -p

NB On Unix use \\ between the domain and the userid.