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In WMB Toolkit, Broker Application Development:


  • File, New, Adapter Connection
  • Select IBM WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software with transaction support
  • The value provided for connector project can be used
  • If necessary, specify the location of files required to access SAP.
  • On the adapter style screen, select Inbound if data is to be passed to WMB or Outbound if data is to be passed from WMB.
  • On the following screen, enter the host name, client, user name, password and SAP interface name (e.g. BAPI).  If values have been previously entered, press CTRL and SPACE for content assistance on individual fields.
  • On the "Find and Discover Services" screen, select the object type (e.g. RFC).  If there are a large amount of objects, press the filter icon (top left).  Select the appropriate object and copy it to the right hand panel using the arrows in the middle.  If a pop up screen appears, you may need to tick "Use SAP field names to generate attribute names".
  • On the following screen, enter a value for the business object name (e.g. the service operation name).  Then click "Add.." by the service operations and select the appropriate operation (e.g. Retrieve)
  • On the next screen, re-enter the password.
  • For the publishing properties screen, click new by by the Message Set project and enter the SAP message set and SAP message set project names.  Then, enter a value for the adapter component name (e.g. the service operation).  Enter the appropriate project name.
  • Click Finish.


A SAP Adapter is created in the project specified above.  It can be dragged onto the appropriate message flow to generate a SAP node.

When the SAP message set is compiled, ensure that it has a reference to the adapter project.  Otherwise, a Record not found error may be produced.